Pohjoismainen Kirjakeskus

Ahjontie 3
63100 Kuortane

Phone 020-757 9777


Pohjoismainen Kirjakeskus publishes home district books in the entire Finland.

These content rich and popular home district books are available already in almost sixty local communities and small towns. These books introduce your local neighbourhood as a rich information package starting from the history of the houses, farms and estates, ending to the aerial photographs of the district. Houses have their own stories and histories which are gathered in these books.

Private real estate owners, companies, both local influential persons and celebrities have made an interesting and distinctive label with their contribution to these home district books. These books have thousands of aerial photos of family houses, farms, enterprises and public buildings. Home district books also introduce the best landscapes and sights of the region.

Every book has an introduction, which contains a review of the local history and development written by a well up on expert. Local people, buildings, history and present sceneries arrive in these books as a unique wholeness to your home